Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass combination will cost 13 euros per month – Gaming – News


Microsoft has announced the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, a combination of current Xbox Game Pass signatures and Xbox Live Gold. The combination costs 13 euros per month. The subscription may be closed later this year.

Currently the two signatures together cost € 17 per month if they are withdrawn separately. This is the price without discounts. In Benelux, Xbox Live Gold costs 7 euros per month and the Xbox Game Pass 10 euros per month.

Xbox Live Gold is the signature that players with an Xbox console need if they want to play multiplayer online games. Xbox Game Pass is a subscription that gives access to a collection of games. Today, Microsoft brings all its first partgames directly through this service. It is not a streaming service, the games must be installed on the hard drive of the console.

Microsoft immediately starts a test with enrollment. A number of members of the Xbox Insider community are invited to this. Microsoft is not yet saying when the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will be available to everyone, but it will happen sometime later this year.

The subscription arrives in all markets where the Xbox Game Pass is offered; this means that it will also be released in the Benelux. Microsoft announced the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition at the same time. This is a variant of Xbox One S, but without a disc tray.


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