Wembley applauds (almost) all once again for Rooney


Rooney remains legal under his own criticism. "Everyone has the right to an opinion, the union and the players agree, we have not done this before in England, but I expect we'll get there in ten or fifteen years for someone like Harry Kane."

Through and through English

The international debut of Wayne Mark Rooney was in a stadium that no longer exists. In the former home of U Ham, Upton Park, Rooney emerged on February 12, 2003 as 17-year-old Everton talent after the break. At that time, the youngest rookie of all time.

It was a debut that they will have watched with great envy in Ireland. Rooney has an Irish grandmother and was interviewed several times in his youth to go out to the Irish.

The Everton growth diamond, which through Manchester United became superstar and kicked the all-time top scorer in the UK and England, never thought seriously about the offer.

"I was born in England and I am English so I have no problem winning Ireland," he said in preparation for a game against the Irish in 2015.

Now, more than fifteen years later, there is No Upton Park and Rooney's talent has disappeared, although in the fall of his career at DC United, he occasionally does not show that he has been completely forgotten. Who knows what's in the barrel tonight?


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