Weather: Many clouds and rains, risk of thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind NOW


Tuesday is cloudy. During the day, the chance of Southwest rainfall increases, especially in the interior, with the possibility of thunder and strong gusts of wind. It will be 14 to 16 degrees.

At night the already abundant clouds only increase more. Light rain may fall, especially in the south.

In the afternoon, there are rains throughout the country that can be accompanied by hail, thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind (up to 60 kilometers per hour).

The maximum temperature in the north is about 11 degrees, in the east it is the hottest at 17 degrees.

In the course of the evening, the showers initially migrate through the east to Germany, but soon after it starts to rain again from the southwest. The wind is diminishing, as is the chance of a storm.

Next 5 days Max Min. Wind
Wednesday 9th 5 ° Z 3
Thursday 9th 2 Z 3
Friday 10 ° 2 W 3
Saturday 13 ° 4 ° O 4
Sunday 13 ° 5 ° ONO 3

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