Sunday , June 20 2021

we should eat more meat! – The daily pattern

The climate-damaging parties, such as GroenLinks and D66, want to increase the cost price of meat with their meat, such as From Telegraaf Already this week. This is a very bad plan, writes Tamar Hessels. She is in favor of increasing the share of meat on our daily menu: very little meat results in "premature aging, anemia, infertility and mental depression," warns Tamar.

You listen more and more and the message becomes more and more urgent. Eat less meat! Meat (red) is unhealthy. Eat plants! Good for health. And, especially. Good for the land. But is this hysteria true?

No. People are predators. Thieves In short, meat eaters! Who does not see that he does not understand man. In addition, our digestive system tells this truth. Our digestive system is short as in carnivores. We, therefore, right Foods rich in nutrients, such as meat and animal products, should be consumed. We also do not have several stomachs. No fermentation process for plants and no cecus running to break the cellulose.

For this reason, man can hardly absorb most of the plant nutrients (grains and fruits) or make them own. All this would not be so bad if we had the ability to neutralize the toxins that plants create to defend themselves. But unfortunately we can not. As a result, our body is attacked by plants with anti-nutrients and hormone disruptors such as gluten, lectins, phytoestrogens, oxalic acid and phytic acid.

Anyone who engages in food will eventually come to the conclusion that the human body requires meat and gets its essential building materials. A lack of this can lead to negative consequences for the health of the individual. The lack of vitamins B12, A and D, as well as a very low iron intake, for example, can result in premature aging, anemia, infertility as well as mental depression.

In short, do not be hysterical over the crazed whim of plants and eat a healthy piece of meat with extra butter tonight.

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