Saturday , October 23 2021

Van Bronckorst, Mols and Numan impressed by Ricksen | Soccer


Coach Van Bronckhorst, who has just stopped at Feyenoord, and Numan and Mols, according to visitors, were deeply impressed by the state in which Ricksen is.


But no matter how sick the former soccer player is, he leaves little to his environment aware of his concerns. Ricksen liked the visit. It is true that he can no longer talk and needs a lot of ventilation, but he liked to hear the beautiful stories of the past. Stories in which he himself was often the center.

His eyes sparkled and there was a smile on his face several times during the visit, when the trio of former soccer players recited a joke again. The citizen of Limburg continues to fight relentlessly and wants to try to hold a meeting with the fans later this month, despite being increasingly tired and unable to have a longer visit.

"Last night"

Ricksen also announced his "last night" in an emotional video message this weekend. The former professional soccer player has been battling the incurable ALS disease for five years. The 42-year-old Dutchman has been staying in a hospital in Scotland since late last year.

Ricksen says in the video message that a charity night on June 28 in Glasgow will be his "last". "Because it will be very difficult for me, this will be my last night." Ricksen can only move his eyes lately and communicate through a talking computer. "Come, and let's make it a night to remember."

With that, he did not mean it will be his last night, but he will not be in the spotlight anymore and will continue to fight. The player was visited by three former team mates this weekend and he did it incredibly well.


Ricksen decided at the end of last year not to return to his home in Spain. "After hearing all the doctors' options, I decided to go to a hospital here," he said at the time. "I can not fly because of lack of oxygen, I need professional help, I know I'll stay here for the rest of my life, there's no choice but to accept that."

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