Valve should launch the vr-headset Index | in june now


Valve is launching a new virtual reality headset on June 15, according to a leak at Valves' Steam store. The headset store page came online a little earlier on Monday night and has since been removed.

Twitter user Wario64 posted screenshots of the store's social media page. Valve has already announced last week through a mysterious website that comes with a headset, the Valve Index, but then gave few details.

The leaked store page states that it is a headset with built-in headphones whose ears can be seen on the sides of the glasses. The headset would require at least one Nvidia GTX 1070 or higher as a graphics card.

Valve has a technology website The Verge confirmed that the store page went online accidentally and that the information that could be read was correct. They would like to officially announce the headset on May 1st.

According The Verge the index comes with its own control system. Valve also has a stake in the HTC Vive headset, which it developed in conjunction with HTC.


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