US regulator keeps Boeings 737 MAX on the ground for longer now


The US FAA is keeping all Boeing 737 MAX aircraft on the ground for now.

Only when the inspection is fully satisfied with the solutions that Boeing proposes for technical problems will permission be given to fly again with passengers.

"There is still a lot of work to be done to ensure that Boeing identifies and solves all problems," an FAA spokesman said on Monday.

"The FAA will not give permission to put the devices back in use until the new software is completely satisfactory."

Once the new software is installed, devices will first have to be extensively tested before they can be used again for commercial flights.

Boeing 737 crashed due to two major crashes

Boeing's 737 MAX aircraft have been operating worldwide since last month after a major accident occurred in two months with two different aircraft.

Almost 350 people were killed in accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia. Both accidents were allegedly caused by technical problems with the steering system.


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