Uruzgan Dutch mission prisoners tortured despite promise – | NOW


The prisoners who delivered the Netherlands to the Afghan security service during the military mission in Uruzgan were systematically tortured and extorted. That was against the promise made by Foreign Minister Ben Bot that manipulation would be monitored.

According to research by Dutch journalist Lighthouse Reports, where Faithful publishes on Saturday morning.

During the military mission in southern Afghanistan (2006-2010), it was clear that people would be arrested, including members of the Taliban. If they were not previously released, it was agreed that they would be transferred to the Afghan security service NDS within four days.

Lighthouse Reports spotted some Afghans who were handed over to NDS by Dutch soldiers in 2007 and 2008. "They hung me, they hit me with sticks, they threatened to kill me if I did not pay," one of them said.

The collective also spoke with a Dutch veteran who saw how a prisoner was thrown into a pickup truck during the transfer. His superior informed him, "It's done, that's it, even here and not for us."

"Nothing came from monitoring"

In the final statement which the ministers concerned made to the House of Representatives, it was said that the 230 prisoners transferred by the Netherlands "were not tortured or treated inhumane".

The Afghan security service NDS already had a bad reputation, which is why then Foreign Minister Ben Bot had promised the mission in advance that the prisoners would be "monitored" to ensure proper treatment. Lighthouse Reports now concludes that little came from this tracking system.


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