Tuberculosis in Leiden is no exception: Thirty people contract the disease every year.


In Leiden and surrounding areas, thirty people contract tuberculosis each year, some of which are contagious. That says a GGD Hollands Midden spokesman. It was announced on Tuesday that an MBO student from Rijnland was infected with the disease. The student would have the contagious and open form of tuberculosis.

In the Netherlands, 800 people a year get tuberculosis, says GGD Hollands Midden spokesman. About a third of them have the infectious form. The disease therefore occurs throughout the Netherlands, with 1 in 17,000 people.

The symptoms of tuberculosis are general complaints that can also occur in many other syndromes. As a result, the disease is often difficult to recognize. The most common symptoms in the early stages of tuberculosis are night sweats, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite and weight loss. People with pulmonary tuberculosis usually have complaints of cough for longer periods (more than three weeks) and sometimes leak some mucus (with blood).

You do not know how you are doing with the student

The school does not want to say anything about the student's privacy at the B├Ętaplein site. It is also unknown whether it is a boy or girl and in which class the student is sitting.

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