Toonder Studio's file goes to the Museum of Literature


The studio archive of comic book author Marten Toonder is in the hands of The Hague Literature Museum. The museum reports Monday. Movie Material Bumble If you understand what I mean goes to the Eye Film Museum in Amsterdam.

The collection was donated by Toonder's granddaughter, whose stories about Olivier B. Bommel and Tom Poes for years appeared in NRC. The Museum of Literature, therefore, acquires more than 25,000 tracks of its series Panda, Kappie and King Hollewijn.

In addition, another 20,000 original tracks from other titles come from his studio, including old productions dating back to 1939, as Don Sombrero. There are also drawings, sketches, individual illustrations and Toonder correspondence in the collection.

Toonder (1912-2005) moved to Ireland in 1965 to devote himself entirely to his work. In 1992, the artist received the Tollens Prize for his work.

According to the Museum of Literature, the archive also shows the collaboration between the comic artist and his Toonder studios after his departure. Director Aad Meinderts calls it "a wonderful addition to Toonder's personal archive." This is currently under museum management.

If you understand what I mean was in 1983 the first length of cartoon film of Dutch soil. The Eye film museum receives more than a thousand film cells, hundreds of pencil sketches for backgrounds and storyboards in its collection.

Marten Toonder added several words and concepts to the Dutch language. An example is "minkukel", which appeared in the story on February 23, 1963 Tom Poes and the Kukel – although it is not entirely clear what a kukel is. The word "frame" is also from Toonder ("Excuse me!") The old man murmured, "There seems to be a mistake in my thinking! I will not follow him," Bommel said on January 7, 1950. Tom Poes and Kwetal, the Breinbaas). The expression "misfortune and sadness" appeared on April 20, 1960 ("It's all doom and gloom.") It's dangerous. Heer Bommel and the Hachelbouten).


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