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This is the reason behind the visible crack of Google Pixel 5

The sale of the Google Pixel 5 has already started. Soon after the start of the sale, the first complaints about a visible crack in the Pixel 5 box emerged. According to a YouTuber who disassembled the Pixel 5, the crack in the box can be explained.

Google Pixel 5

After the first journalists received their Google Pixel 5 phones and sales of the Pixel 5 began, the first complaints about cracks in the body of the device emerged. For potential users who placed an order, this was not the best potential customer. After all, you don’t want to find a gap in a new device that is worth more than 600 euros.

This is the reason behind the visible crack of Google Pixel 5

The middle image shows the crack in the box, image: Reddit / 32BitLongSucks

Among other things, there were concerns about the Google Pixel 5’s water resistance, because the gap was between the case and the screen. Not all Pixel 5 devices suffer from crack. The exact cause remains unknown for the time being. YouTuber PBKreviews took a look at a Pixel 5 to find out the exact reason behind the crack seen on some phones.

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The videos already show that it has nothing to do with the sturdy clips around the screen that hold the panel in place. In addition to the clips, Google used glue to join the two parts together. Commenting on the video, PBKreviews reports that an elastic adhesive was used on the Pixel 5, which may be the reason behind the space between the case and the screen.

Users don’t have to worry about the water resistance of their Pixel 5 if there is a visible space between the case and the screen, according to YouTuber. Presumably, the glue of Google Pixel 5 devices with a ‘screen gap’ is slightly off. This may be due to the way Google applies the sticker, the quality of the sticker, or the amount of sticker used with specific samples.


If you want to buy a Google Pixel 5 and live in Belgium or the Netherlands, it is unfortunately not possible to go to your local (online) Google Store to buy a Pixel device. Fortunately, Belsimpel has the Pixel 5 in stock and you can buy the device for the suggested retail price at Alternate in Germany. Through this article you will find all possible sales channels for Google Pixel 5, including the German Google Store.

As for the case crack, it appears to be a ‘bug’ that occurs on only a small number of Pixel phones. Although much talked about in the media, there are relatively few known cases. This means that there is little chance that your phone will also have space between the screen and the case. Are you going to buy the Google Pixel 5? Let us know in the comments.

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