"The Netherlands puts the US trade relationship at risk if Huawei does not boycott"


If the Netherlands does not ban Huawei for the future 5G network, it will play with fire. The US intelligence services can then share less information with the Netherlands and also undermine the trade relationship between countries.

This is what Newt Gingrich, former politician and confidant of President Trump, said in a conversation with RTL Z.

"This can become a problem. We have to wait and see," says Gingrich.

National security

Americans are convinced that Huawei is a threat to national security. "Not just for the US, but for all the countries that do business with them."

The US, Australia and New Zealand have already banned Huawei equipment because it feared the Chinese government would have access to communications and data traffic thanks to Huawei equipment.

This fear also exists in Europe, in part because of the American lobby. They pressure countries like Germany and Britain to ban Huawei.

Intelligence services

The US ambassador to Germany was already threatening the intelligence services to share less information with Germany if the Chinese company built 5G networks. The European Union decided last week that countries should look at security risks in relation to the construction of 5G. Member states can determine with which parties they do business. If national security is at stake, they may also decide to exclude the parties.

But if countries do business with the Chinese, this can have considerable consequences. Gingrich therefore reinforces the American message. "If Europe does not ban Huawei 5G, it can block access to information."

More difficult point of view

The longer it takes, the more likely it is for the US to take a tougher stance, says the former Speaker of the House of Representatives. And therefore also for the Netherlands. "You saw it last year. It took a while to realize it's a real threat."

The US wants all its allies to be able to protect themselves. "If American allies are used to spy on or exert influence, it becomes a challenge to be allies," Gingrich said.


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