Saturday , October 16 2021

that's how the new CarPlay screen works

The biggest new feature of CarPlay on iOS 13 is the new Dashboard screen. In addition to the standard icons, there is now also a screen that combines functions from various applications. That way, you organize everything together while driving, without having to switch between multiple screens. In addition, the CarPlay dashboard provides smart suggestions that are useful at important times. This way, you can use the new CarPlay panel.

What is the CarPlay dashboard?

The CarPlay Dashboard is a separate screen that can be found on the left side of the home screen. You can compare it better with the widget screen on your iPhone: blocks information from various applications, so you can see what's important in an overview. You access the Dashboard by sliding right from the home screen or by tapping the new button at the bottom left, recognizable by the large three-track block.

CarPlay Dashboard with iOS 13 in Light.

The Dashboard combines four screens into one: a navigation map, turn instructions, music controls and intelligent Siri suggestions. You can see your route, your instructions and your music at a glance. When you tap the components, you jump to the corresponding application for more information.

What applications are on the CarPlay panel?

The panel consists of these parts:

  • Maps app (on the left): A small map with your current route.
  • Instructions (upper right corner): your next actions in your navigation and travel time.
  • Audio (center right): Album cover of the current track or radio station, including control buttons.
  • Siri suggestions (bottom right corner): Siri recommendations like your next schedule or open your garage door.

CarPlay panel on iOS 13.

The Navigation Panel currently only works for the Google Maps app and not for other navigation apps with CarPlay. As for music control, it works with all audio applications. You can control both the music from the default Music application and any radio or podcast applications here.

CarPlay panel with Siri suggestions

You can also find Siri's new suggestions in CarPlay on the Dashboard. Siri, for example, looks at his next agenda appointment. If there is also a location, it will appear on the Dashboard and you can navigate to it immediately. When you touch it, you directly access the new Calendar application, where you can see an overview of all the events in your calendar.

Suggestions are also helpful if you have a garage door with HomeKit. As soon as you get home, a button appears here to open the door to your garage immediately. You no longer need to activate Siri and ask for it manually, because you just have to push a button to open the door to your garage. You can disable Siri suggestions through the new Settings application, if desired.

CarPlay light mode settings.

The new Dashboard is part of iOS 13. In order to use this, you just need to update your iPhone as soon as the update is available. Therefore, no update is required for the sound of your car.

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