Take away the opponent Ajax after a crazy duel in Manchester


VAR in the lead after the break

Shortly thereafter, Spurs goalkeeper Hugo Lloris prevented Sterling from scoring again and moments later the Frenchman showed excellent defense in a Kevin De Bruyne bet. But to the left of Sergio Agüero's left-wing goalkeeper, he was completely unlucky after an hour, giving City an apparently safe advantage of 4-2.

Fifteen minutes before the time, substitute Fernando Llorente was good for the Spurs' goal. He worked on a song by Kieran Trippier. In addition, the ball seemed to hit his hand, but after referee Cüneyt Çakir have seen the pictures, he still pointed to the center point: 4-3.

In the time of compensation, the victory still seemed to go to City when the Sterling seemed to make 5-3, but after the intervention of the VAR, the goal was canceled due to Agüero's impediment.


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