Stag party Priyanka Chopra in Amsterdam


AMSTERDAM – Priyanka Chopra celebrated his bachelor party in Amsterdam this weekend. Among others, the future sister-in-law Sophie Turner was present.

At Instagram, actress Quantico shared a series of photos of the company, which included a boat trip through the canals. During one night in the city, Priyanka and Sophie made a video in which the Indian wore the star of Game of Thrones in the back. They called themselves the "J-sisters" legend, a reference to the bride: Priyanka marries Nick Jonas, Sophie said yes to Joe Jonas earlier. Together with Brother Kevin, you formed a long-time boy band from the Jonas Brothers.

The photos of Amsterdam were popular with Hollywood stars. Halle Berry put five hearts under one of the photos, Kelly Ripa added a few kisses to her. Priyanka's future mother-in-law, Denise Jonas, joked under a post: "Behave yourself."


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