Sophie Turner feigned love for her opponent by imagining Justin Bieber | NOW


Actress Sophie Turner, who is in game of Thrones playing the character Sansa Stark could make it look like she was in love with her opponent Jack Gleeson (Joffrey in the series), imagining that he was Justin Bieber.

The 23-year-old actress talks Treadmill that she was a big fan of the Canadian singer and that her room at home was full of Bieber posters.

"That's also what the makers told me:" Just look at Joffrey as if he were Justin Bieber and imagine what it would be like, "says Turner, who started recording the television series for thirteen years.

"Sansa sees the world through pink glasses at the beginning of game of Thrones. She does not see at all what Joffrey's family is or what he is like. It's like talking about a fan of Justin Bieber, they do not see that he also has a dark side. "

Turner will be featured shortly in the final season of the fantasy series.


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