"Smaller, cheaper Nintendo Switch to be released this fall" | NOW


A smaller and cheaper model of the Nintendo Switch video game console is expected to be available in stores this fall. Anonymous sources tell Japanese business newspaper that Nikkei.

The new model should be used mainly for games in portabel mode, although, according to the newspaper, it is still possible to connect the device to a TV.

Nintendo introduced the current Switch model in 2017. The game console can play both on a TV and on the built-in screen. This makes it possible, for example, to play outdoors.

Sources of The Wall Street Journal Recently, claimed that Nintendo wants to release two new Switch models. The paper also wrote about a cheaper model with a more advanced version. A sales start was mentioned in the summer of 2019.

The Nikkei just waits for the cheaper Switch in the fall. A new, more advanced model is also underway, according to the business newspaper, but would not appear much later.


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