Serious prison sentence for men who shot Nieuwegein with 8 bullets


The two people in their twenties were sentenced to 20 and 21 years in prison.

Adjai Badloe, 43, often called Timon, was shot in the morning in his car in front of his house in the Apollolaan in Nieuwegein on November 28, 2017 with eight bullets.

The suspects set fire to the escape car at Vleuten. Police took them after a reckless flight with a second car by A2 at AMC in Amsterdam. In addition, D. crashed other cars, including those of a pregnant driver.

The Amsterdam-born Reza J. (25), who led the shooting has 20 years in prison. The Amstelvener Denzel D. (25) whom he directed was sentenced to 21 years' imprisonment. D.'s punishment is higher because he has a longer criminal record and also owned 5 pounds of hashish.

Both equally responsible

Both men denied that they had made the settlement. J. was silent as D. said he thought he would be just a driver for a deal. The court finds that there is sufficient evidence for a murder plan and considers them to be equally responsible. On the men's clothing and gloves, for example, Badloe's car powder and glass marks and DNA were found.

The sentence ended up being slightly lower than the 23 and 24 years imprisonment that the Public Ministry demanded. One reason for the settlement was not clear to the court.


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