Samsung Galaxy Fold devices broken after one day


Steve Kovoch and Todd Haselton of CNBC, Mark Gurman of Bloomberg and Dieter Bohn of The Verge, report that the test device is broken. "My Galaxy Fold screen is broken and unusable after two days," Gurman tweeted. "The screen now looks completely dead," he adds shortly thereafter.

Steve Kovach posted pictures of the screen issues after a day of use on Twitter. A moment later, it looks like half the screen finally gave up on the ghost. Samsung warns that problems can occur if users remove the protective layer from the screen, but CBNC says it has not removed the protective layer.

Bohn also writes in his review for The Verge that his Galaxy Fold showed the necessary treatments after a day. There was talk of "a small protrusion on the fold". The protrusion was clearly felt, according to Bohn, and caused a distortion of the screen. Even more disturbing is that the bulge eventually pressed so much to the screen that it broke, "says Bohn.

RP drama

Galaxy Fold is available in the Netherlands from May 3rd. In the US, sales will begin on April 26. So, shortly before launch, the broken devices of technology journalists are a big disappointment for Samsung, which requires € 2020 for its first collapsible phone.

In 2016, the launch of Galaxy Note 7 caused a huge PR drama for Samsung. Although the device was enthusiastically received initially, problems soon arose. The phones seemed to be able to catch fire spontaneously due to a very large battery. Samsung finally decided to remember the smartphones.


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