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Samsung announces new Galaxy Fold release date within a few weeks – Tablets and phones – News

Samsung will announce in a few weeks when it will launch the Galaxy Fold. The company announced this in the quarterly figures. This will happen at least this year.

Samsung hopes to "launch folding smartphones in the second half of this year," the company wrote in its analysis of quarterly results. The new Galaxy Fold release date will be released in the coming weeks, according to the company. Samsung wanted to launch Galaxy Fold last Friday in the first countries, including the US, and next Friday in European countries, including the Benelux. Due to flaws on the reviewers' screen, Samsung felt obliged to postpone the launch.

Samsung delivered 78 million smartphones in the last quarter and that is slightly more than the same period last year. The profitability of the mobile division has declined because the manufacturer had higher costs for the production of new Galaxy A phones. Samsung suggests that it makes less profit because the manufacturer requires relatively low prices and high costs for its development.

South Korean concern has shifted its mobile strategy and is now putting some functions on midsize models rather than on more expensive Galaxy S phones in order to make Galaxy A models more attractive. For example, last year, the Galaxy A phones were the first to receive an ultra wide-angle camera, while the new Galaxy A80 has a rotating camera. The Galaxy S10 series sells better than expected, says Samsung.

The TV division performed better in the last quarter due to the early launch of new models. In the next quarter, the TV subsidiary will have more difficulties due to the lack of a major sporting event, traditionally a motivation for some people to get a new television.

The component subsidiary benefited from the growing demand for high-capacity storage for smartphones with 128GB of storage or more. However, it was not only well, because Samsung suffered from the lack of growth in the Chinese market. The decline in demand for "big customers" for flexible OLED screens also bothered the company. The most famous buyer of flexible screens besides Samsung itself is Apple, which uses them for the iPhone X, XS and XS Max.

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