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According to a new rumor, Facebook is busy developing its own voice assistant. It is not known how the social network wants to use the technology, but it will probably work on Facebook's Video Calling Device Portal.

The voice assistant can also be useful for Oculus virtual reality headphones, CNBC reports based on information from two former employees. There are few details about the assistant except that the team that develops it is in Redmond, Washington. This is not at Facebook's headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Facebook got in touch with smartphone manufacturers about the next assistant. It is not known how the software should work, what it should be able to do and when it will be released.

The social network already had M, a human assistant in Facebook Messenger. That did not get off the ground and stopped last year. Facebook is the latest of the biggest technology giants without a voting assistant. Apple is called Siri, Google works with Assistant, Amazon with Alexa and Microsoft has Cortana.

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