Robert Pattinson also added to the new movie Christopher Nolan | NOW


Robert Pattinson will also play a role in Christopher Nolan's new film, reports Collider. It was announced on Tuesday that John David Washington (BlackK Klansman) was released.

It remains unknown which roles the two men will assume. Since the announcement, little has been said about Nolan's new project, as is often the case with his films. Collider speculates about two main roles for Pattinson and Washington, complemented by another actress of his age.

Previously, it looked like the movie would become a romantic thriller to Hitchcock, but this was later contradicted. However, it was announced that Dutchman Hoyte van Hoytema will again be responsible for camera work, as in the case of Interstellar and Dunkirk.

Robert Pattinson ended in 2005 with his supporting role as Cedric Diggory Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He later became world famous for his leadership role in the popular Twilightseries. Nowadays it can be seen more often in more artistic films, such as Cosmopolis and The Rover. He currently plays in sf drama at the movies. High life.


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