Tuesday , September 21 2021

RIVM: working more at home, otherwise the measures are useless

We haven’t worked at home enough yet. As a result, the steps taken so far are less effective than expected, says Aura Timen, head of infectious disease control at RIVM. “Although there sometimes seem to be good points, the Netherlands is still in a very serious situation. Our contamination numbers are at a level that you would not want to be at.”

According to the RIVM, current measures are less effective than previously thought. The number of corona infections has dropped about 5% in the last weekly numbers, but that statistic is not a cause for joy.

We stay less at home

The number of infections in the Netherlands is still very high, says Timen. “It has to do with behavior. We see that people stay at home less than we thought. They will work more often and leave more often than we thought. That is why the measures are much less effective than in the spring. “

In late September, the cabinet issued urgent advice to work from home as much as possible, but that advice is much less followed than during the first blockade.

Infections in the workplace

According to RIVM, this has a major effect on infection numbers. “Most infections occur at home or with family and friends. But in a good third place are clusters in the workplace.”

Tonight, at 19h, the cabinet will present new measures. This press conference can be followed live on our website and RTL 4.

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For the fourth consecutive day, considerably less corona infections

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