RIVM: health goals for the government not yet achieved | NOW


The number of adults who smoke and drink decreases, appeared on Tuesday Health Research / Lifestyle Monitor 2018 of Statistics Netherlands and RIVM. However, government's prevention goals are still far from being achieved.

By 2018, 22.4 percent of adults said they sometimes smoke. In addition, 50.2 percent were overweight.

The percentage of overweight people has not changed compared to 2014. The percentage of smokers and drinkers in excess has declined.

By 2018, 9 percent of the Dutch population aged 18 or over was a heavy drinker. The proportion of heavy drinkers remained virtually unchanged compared to 2014. RIVM states that a heavy drinker drinks four (for women) and six (for men) alcohol glasses at least once a week in one day. An excessive drinker is someone who consumes more than fourteen glasses a week (for women) and 21 glasses of alcohol a week (for men).

The proportion of excessive drinkers fell from 9.9% in 2014 to 8.2% in 2018.

The numbers are still far from the goals of the National Prevention Agreement

By 2018, the percentages of smokers, heavy and heavy drinkers, and overweight and obese people are still well above the targets set in the National Prevention Agreement.

With this agreement, the central government, along with more than 70 organizations, wants to reduce the proportion of adults who smoke or drink excessively and heavily to 5% by 2040. According to the targets, the percentage of overweight people should be reduced to 38%.


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