Requirements up to 4.5 years for the execution of drug laboratory in residential area Abroad


The fire was reported by the 38-year-old owner of the shed. He had to be taken to a hospital that night because he had inhaled chemical smoke. According to justice, he and his wife (36) set up the drug factory along with a 46-year-old man from Helmond. The Helmonder is considered the initiator and heard the highest punishment required. The prosecutor's office demanded four and two years in prison for the owner of the pilot and his wife.

The fact that the laboratory is located in the middle of a residential area is a punitive factor for OM. The suspects began working on drug production, hoping to gain a lot from it, said the prosecutor: "Negative effects for others, health risks, fire risk, risk of explosion, in the middle of a residential area, they took for granted. "

The court decides on May 1.


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