Request for free for the six-time Killer Delft should be reviewed NOW


The Ministry of Justice and Security has to re-examine the plea of ​​gratitude of Cevdet Y., who shot six people in 1983 at the Cafe Koetsiertje in Delft. The Hague court ruled on Wednesday.

The Hague court and probation service gave positive advice, but in the end no positive recommendation was made by the ministry.

"Only special circumstances can be a reason to deviate from the board, but there is no reason to reject the claim for compensation is contrary to the agreements made with the author and the European court and jurisprudence," the court said.

The man has not been detained since 2001. His jail sentence was then converted into TBS. Until five years ago, Y. remained in a clinic, where he was also allowed to leave unattended.

During this leave, he founded a family and now lives, under supervision, outside this clinic. The state lawyer previously mentioned that he is "in a significant degree of freedom."

The man would have been scolded in a cafe

Y. would have been scolded in the cafe by a man, he said years later. He left, but returned twelve minutes later with a gun. He shot six people, including a twelve-year-old girl.

There was an uproar over his freedoms, especially when it was discovered that he had become a father while still in the TBS clinic. The then minister, Hirsch Ballin, withdrew his license, but after a long legal battle, Y. received freedom again in 2014.

A positive recommendation from the ministry is convincing advice. If this happens, the request for gratitude will be sent to King Willem-Alexander.


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