Renault: "We are aiming for a complete recovery in Barcelona"


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Cyril Abiteboul was in a good mood for a long time after the "best winter ever", but after four races he has to admit that Renault is performing poorly. The results also do not meet their own expectations, although the French has a turnaround.

Renault has the ambition to first become "the best of the rest" and then attack the top three teams. The 2019 season should be the first step in the right direction, but with only 12 points in four races, the start is by no means promising. It is absolutely below standard, Abiteboul also knows. "It was a difficult start for this season and the Azerbaijani Grand Prix summed up a time when the results were disappointing."

In other words, the campaign abroad was not a success, but Abiteboul expects an improvement in European soil. Or as he describes: "The start of the Formula 1 season in Europe is an opportunity for us to redefine ourselves." This & # 39; reset & # 39; should be done in different areas. "We can do a lot more than what we show, so we need to do a lot of weekends and clean races, so we have to work everywhere: in terms of chassis, engine and drivers, so they full potential. "

However, the French foreman still does not think of structural qualities within his team. According to him, there is plenty of quality to turn the tide. "We are motivated as always and we are looking for a complete recovery in Spain, where we want to be competitive again." This of course also applies to its pilots Daniel Ricciardo and Nico H├╝lkenberg. According to the latter, Renault – like all teams – can bow to the data collected from the winter. "We completed a productive test there earlier this year, so we have enough knowledge of the job. I hope this helps to achieve good results."

According to technical director Nick Chester, knowledge of tires is crucial in Catalonia. Therefore, it will become a crucial factor for the possible success of Renault. "We are taking the most difficult compound from Pirelli with us this weekend, so we are going from a circuit with relatively little tire wear to the other extreme, so we should think carefully about our balance in the car and how we keep the tires alive, "the British clarifies.

Hard reality at Renault:


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