Reactions after the European Championship Cyclo-cross 2018: "Mathieu was again a better class today"


Reactions after the European Championship Cyclo-cross 2018: "Mathieu was again a better class today"

Sunday, November 4, 2018 at 6:30 p.m.

The European championship in Rosmalen had, in addition to an unbelievable Van der Poel and Van Aert, defeated in their defeat, numerous riders who fought behind them for a place of honor. We have put together some reactions in an overview.

banner-beLaurens Sweeck (3rd)

Laurens Sweeck was "better than the rest" this afternoon and captured the silver. "We were not far from the stage, so we kept driving until the end," he says to the Sporza camera. "It was very hard to make big differences, so stay together and they will not give up right after you," he looks back. Although Van der Poel and Van Aert stand out above the others, Sweeck thinks they are not unbeatable. "I do not think the gap is too big," he says. "Sometimes everyone can be beaten." Toon proved that last Thursday. "It depends on small things, good and bad days. On a super day, I hope to make the connection."

banner-beMichael Vanthourenhout (4th):
Michael Vanthourenhout just won a medal. "I'm a bit disappointed," said Vanthourenhout, "last time I was fourth. "In the beginning Tim Merlier made a perfect start for Wout, and after that it was difficult to get through and I could not go immediately.I had to close the gap in Toon Aerts and Lars van der Haar.In the end I lost some strength to be able to follow Sweeck "We worked together in the final stages to get ahead, but he got a bit stronger in the end," he says. Vanthourenhout praises the winner. "Mathieu was a better class again today. That was again in this course."

banner-beToon Aerts (5th):
Toon Aerts was injured on the road after a collision with a post: "It's a weekly habit," he told Sporza's camera. "Because of my length, those quick corners with those many curves are not easy. When I want to be a bit too fast, sometimes I hang on a pole," he says. "Actually, I'm fed up with those fast rounds, actually this is not a way for a championship, but a crosser should really be able to handle everything, so you do not have to complain about a clue. there for a whole year. "

flag-enLars van der Haar (6th):
Lars van der Haar saw a good lesson in smoke after a fall. "A failure in the bars ends up costing me the podium or a place with the top five," Van der Haar said afterwards. "But that's my fault. Nothing to do." There were few changes of position along the way. "But I expected that," he says. "In principle, it would be a fold because of the nature of the course from the first round," says Van der Haar. "I wish I had a third or fourth place here. That's what I came here for."

banner-beQuinten Hermans (8):
Quinten Hermans was one of seven Belgians in the top ten. He lost the match. "I was behind Corné (van Kessel, ed.) And he kicked completely by the side of his click pedal.All then came across this and it was practically the end of the game.If you are not called Mathieu van der Poel or Wout van Aert, then you can not drive faster than fast.Everybody can drive fast on this course.We drive as fast as Michael and Laurens on some points, but we do not slow down. "


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