Radar: Changing gas costs hundreds of euros to consumers NOW


Consumers who want to get rid of gas have to pay hundreds of euros to have their gas meter turned off and discarded, says the consumer program Radar Saturday.

Costs can vary considerably depending on the type of home. Prices for getting out of gas in low houses are much higher than in tall buildings.

According to Radar, the price of a low house is Stedin's highest network manager: 771.20 euros, followed by Enexis with 732.05. Rendo is the cheapest and charges 407.77 euros for the removal or removal of a gas meter.

The costs are lower for tall buildings. Stedin is the cheapest in this category and charges € 92.29. Rendo is the most expensive with 407.77 euros. Liander asks for 366.12 euros, Enduris 266.20 euros and Coteq 244.36 euros.

Consumers can not choose between network operators

Consumers can not change their network operator and therefore can not opt ​​for a cheaper option.

Industry Organization Netbeheer Nederland says no on an answer Radar that price differences arise because no price agreement can be made. "Some network operators manage many urban areas, others more rural," says the branch organization.

Short-term solution for gas sealing connection

Consumers who want to get rid of gas, but do not want to remove the gas meter, can also opt for other options. The gas connection can also be sealed or you may simply decide not to use more gas.

If the seal is sealed, the connection will be blocked and you will not be able to use gas, "but for security reasons we will not do this for more than twelve months," says Netbeheer Nederland. Radar. If a consumer decides not to use the gas further, he will still pay the supplier's costs.


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