Monday , August 26 2019
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"PVV Zeeland leader Peter van Dijk cheated on subsidies" | NOW

PVV leader in Zealand, Peter van Dijk, also a senator by the Senate party, has abused public money for a campaign, writes NRC today.

Van Dijk funded a provincial election campaign with community money, the paper said. The rules of the province of Zeeland explicitly prohibit this, it is seen as subsidy fraud. Van Dijk violated the rules of his post as chairman of the PVV group in Zeeland.

NRC has documents, bank statements and audio recordings that show all this.

Party leader Geert Wilders was informed of the evidence last week, according to the newspaper, but he still trusts Van Dijk,

Eleven days ago, the PVV fraction of the Provincial States of Zeeland had already relinquished their trust in Peter van Dijk.

Van Dijk is accused of threats of death, abuse of power, nepotism and abuse of public money. "He has done virtually nothing in front of and behind the scenes in recent years," the group said in a message on the site.

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