Price of next generation PlayStation will be attractive to players


Yesterday, Sony Interactive Entertainment released information on what the PlayStation 5 will be for the first time. We discussed this extensively in this article, but after this announcement, many questions about the price of this latest generation PlayStation have followed.

Peter Rubin, the journalist who provided the details, is talking now Twitter also on the price of the console. During his conversation with the main architect of the next generation PlayStation, Mark Cerny, Rubin asked the cost of this new console. He started his question with the fact that with the console releases, there is always a certain direction in terms of price that we have to think about (between € 399 and € 599).

He then asked Mark Cerny if the next PlayStation console is also in that direction at launch. Cerny replied that he believed the price of the console would be appealing to gamers, given the extensive features the device has to offer.

For this, Peter Rubin continued his question that it may be that the console is a little more expensive, but that the price is in accordance with what you will get. However, Cerny did not want to give a concrete answer to this, so we do not know if Sony will launch the next generation PlayStation at a higher price than the PS4 at the time and later also the PS4 Pro with € 399.

Peter Rubin: There was always a general range or launch price. Will the next console reach this range?

Mark Cerny: I believe we can release it in an SRP [suggested retail price] which will be attractive to players in light or in their advanced set of features.

Peter Rubin: Meaning that may cost a little more, but what are you getting well worth it?

Mark Cerny: That's all I can say about it.


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