Presenter Buddy Vedder Is Not Considered a Piece | NOW


Buddy Vedder is sometimes classified in the category of "girls" by women's magazines, but he does not think so. The presenter says he never decorated women with their looks.

"In appearance I'm not Jan Kooijman or Manuel Broekman," said the 23-year-old presenter in conversation with Beau Monde. To adorn women, he says he should focus primarily on his mood.

Tinder also is not a big hit for Vedder. "I was already crying in the shower," jokes the presenter.

He now has a relationship with dancer Ginny Pauw, whom he met during his Dance dance dance. He thinks he was not popular with women because of his height.

Vedder: "I'm six feet tall, it's not super small, but it's not a giant of a guy, either." My friends are still joking about it, but when I show a picture of my girlfriend, they're quickly joking.


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