Pollwatch – Forum for Democracy expected to win Senate elections


The four coalition parties seem to lose the majority in the Senate. They now have 38 seats there, just enough for most, but if the elections are held now, 28 remain. That's what I & O's research department reports after a first survey. In research, the 13-seat VVD now falls to eleven virtual seats. The CDA would have 7 of 12 seats. The D66 would hold 6 of 10 seats. Only ChristenUnie makes a small profit, three to four seats.

The Forum for Democracy seems to be the big winner, according to I & O, the party of Thierry Baudet arrives at the Senate with eight seats. These voices come mainly from PVV, VVD and CDA. The PVV would drop from 9 to 8 seats. The Wilders team loses some voters to Baudet, but also drives them away from VVD, CDA and 50PLUS.

GroenLinks also seems to be winning, from 4 to 10 seats. The PvdA would go from 8 to 5 seats, but this is a better result than in the 2017 parliamentary elections. The SP drops from 9 to 7 seats, the 50PLUS rises from 2 to 3. THINKING would come with a seat in the Senate.

Nearly two out of three voters are dissatisfied with the Rutte III cabinet. That's 4 percentage points more than a month earlier.



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