Podcast: The nightmare threatens Samsung near the Galaxy Fold


The screen of Samsung's first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, seems to break down very easily. This was experienced by the American media that is the first to own the device. Samsung is investigating the shortcomings, but will bring the expensive Galaxy Fold (price: € 2020) to the North American market next Friday. The introduction to the Netherlands will continue on 3 May.

Is there a threat of fiasco that is comparable to Galaxy Note 7? Samsung had to take the phone out of the market in 2016 due to a dangerous battery. In the Bright Podcast you can listen to our first impression of the Galaxy Fold, which we have already tried briefly.

We also discussed YouTube issues, which are regularly discredited because their systems do not understand videos or promote all kinds of harmful videos. How should YouTube solve this? And there is attention to Game of Thrones, whose last season has already begun. Why is this the illegally downloaded series?

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