"Plastic bag between my front wing prevented my running"


12:48 – Vallteri Bottas, the Formula One championship leader, started at the Bahrain Grand Prix but ended up backing up more and more against team-mate Lewis Hamilton. According to the Finnish, this is due to a plastic bag attached to the front wing.

After a strong start from the fourth starting position, Valtteri Bottas rose quickly to second place, but in the end had to admit Lewis Hamilton and the Ferraris. Thanks to a Vettel twist and engine problems at Leclerc, he was able to return to that position and make Mercedes's second 1-2 victory a reality. However, he also did not leave the race completely unharmed, because a plastic bag on the road surface struck between the plates of his front wing and bothered him.

On his second lap, he returned in fourth position, where he drove for a long time. "I think the wind was bothering me a little bit. I freed it too late on the 1st shift, I tried to maintain my position and I lost two," Bottas said of the opening phase of the race. "Ferrari was very strong, I made some mistakes due to the wind, but not the only one I think." At least it was extremely difficult to keep up with the pace. hole in front of me.I also suffered from a plastic bag on my front wing at one point, it took me a long time.It was not a perfect race. "

Despite this, the Finn is still the first in the championship, Hamilton only one point after the second. This can be explained by the fastest lap point in Australia that went to Bottas. He already said that it was very important for him. "In Bahrain, the Ferraris were too fast for me, so those chances are essential, I'm happy with the the number of points, consistency will play a key role.

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