Petition against raccoon hunting in Limburg Inland


The AAP Foundation, which filed the petition Friday night, does not agree. She states that the full research should have been done first. She also says the decision was not coordinated with other governments and that the experts failed to look at animal friendly alternatives.

The raccoon population is growing rapidly in Limburg. At the end of 2017 there was a first report of a raccoon with young people. Last year there were about 100 animals. Receiving the raccoon, as the Party for the Animals wants, is not possible because it is too expensive and insufficiently effective, said the province previously.

The province is calling for European measures, because the raccoon mainly crosses the borders of Limburg to Limburg. Raccoon does not occur naturally in Holland.

The AAP Foundation will send a letter to the province on Tuesday on the subject with the signatures. The petition will also be closed Tuesday morning.


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