Netherlands flooded with sexually transmitted diseases ThePostOnline


In GP practices, the number of STD diagnoses increased in 2018, especially among people older than 25 years. Among gay men, gonorrhea is the most common, among heterosexuals is chlamydia. This is according to data from the RIVM health institute.

The number of STD-related consultations with general practitioners increased by 9%: from 281,000 to 307,000. Last year, 152,000 STD tests were performed at the Sexual Health Centers (CSG), the same as the previous year. Women accounted for nearly 70,000 of the tests, 33,000 heterosexual men and 50,000 gay men.

The number of new HIV infections is declining slowly. By 2018, 527 people were diagnosed with HIV. A year earlier there were 615. Two-thirds of HIV infections are diagnosed in gay men.

STD AIDS Netherlands believes that new ways to further reduce STDs should be sought. "STDs spoil much sexual pleasure and many lives. We really can not sit down. Our ambition is to drastically reduce STDs, so we must look for new ways to further reduce STDs, "the organization said.



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