Saturday , July 31 2021

Neck pain from laptop on the dining table: CNV worried about homework injuries

The CNV union said it was shocked by the number of physical complaints among members working at home. In a survey, which was completed by nearly 2,500 CNV’ers, 41 percent said they have more problems with their shoulders, necks or arms because they work at home due to the corona. 45 percent say they do not have a workplace that meets health and safety requirements.

Previously, physical therapists reported an increase in the number of complaints about working at home.

Side dish

“The laptop is on the kitchen table, the chair is very low, the laptop is flat,” said CNV President Piet Fortuin. “At work, the screen is at the right time, you often don’t have it at home.”

The union wants employers to spend more money guiding domestic workers. “For example, a trainer and vouchers for a physical therapist.”

Absence of disease

According to the union, the costs could be recovered with less absenteeism. “We have seen an increase in absenteeism in recent weeks. This is partly due to physical complaints.” The average age of CNV members is 52 to 53, according to Fortuin.

In the CNV survey, 61 percent of respondents said they incur costs for working from home that are not reimbursed by the employer. 31 percent say the employer suspended travel allowance during the crisis. 23 percent receive a domestic work allowance.

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