Most people with STD complaints to the doctor


The number of people who see a doctor about a sexually transmitted disease has increased by 9%. This concerns mainly adults over 25 years of age, according to an annual report from the National Institute of Public Health (RIVM).

Young people under the age of 25 can take the test for free at a GGD. It is unclear why older people are more likely to find the doctor to take a test. The number of tests that were done at the Sexual Health Centers in the GGDs remained practically the same.

The most common STD has been chlamydia for years, and the percentage of people who test positive for GGDs is stable. There was an increase between GPs, from 36,600 to 39,800 cases.

Gay men

Gonorrhea continues to increase: there was a 9% increase in one year in the GGD centers. This is mainly because more gay men have been tested, says the RIVM.

The number of people infected with HIV is declining. According to the latest figures, 527 people were told they had tested positive, a year earlier there were almost a hundred more.


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