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"When I first heard it, I was naturally scared. The first thing you think is," What's going on here? " Maron in Shownews. "It just needs a lot of rest, so when I went into the bedroom, she did not really respond to anything, I was also discouraged from waking her, I stayed with her for two minutes, for the rest, she just needs to rest a lot, "explains Maron. Shownews.

Maron saw nothing of it. "The last few weeks were super fun, super fun.Everything went really well, going up line.And then all of a sudden that.Can come a little yes.We tried to stop her from doing everything, I think it worked.He used nothing, did nothing ".

Although Maron believes that Samantha was well, her environment fears a little about the new circumstances in which the blonde is. "Of course I do not know what a boy's lifestyle is like, but if you work in the nightlife – I'm also a singer, I often work in the evenings – so I know what's going on at night," he says. ex Jeffrey Lake. "In Samantha's situation, as a result of which she was in Scotland to get rid of something, the dictation goes from 1 + 1 = 2".

Also ex Rolf Tangel questions the relationship of Samantha and Maron and the effect of it. "Of course it's not very conducive to going with someone who is on this circuit if you are addictive.If I am an alcoholic addict, I will not be behind a bar.You can not stop love, love leaves you blind.But it would have it would have been better if Maron had worked on Albert Heijn. "

Your former manager Jake Hampel does not want to comment much on the situation in the program. "We have asked for peace in the past and I think it is wise to pay as little attention as possible, it is not good for the person in question and, of course, she also has a family. children should always come first. "

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