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Man (75) is trapped in Lidl for an hour and a half: "I have my heart"

This happened last Saturday at Lidl on Vennenplein.

Previously closed

Mr. Visser has to get some red peppers from his wife Clasien at the supermarket. He walks into the store with his scooter just before six. The Delfzijlster does not realize at the time that the case is almost closing.

Normally, the supermarket closes at eight o'clock in the evening, but because of King's Day, which is two hours earlier. "I thought I had plenty of time," says an unsuspecting Visser.

The alarm goes off

While he is weighing the peppers, the lights jump for a moment. "I thought there was another power outage," says Visser. "It happens a lot, but when I got to the cash registers, there was nobody else.

Mr. Visser honks his scooter and knocks on the office door, but no one opens the door. If he heads for the exit, the alarm goes off. "I put tissues in my ears to make the noise bearable," says Visser.

Patient heart

These are oppressive times for the former sailor. So bad that he gets bothered by his heart twice. I had forgotten my cell phone but fortunately I had my medication with me. I could use that immediately. "

Police quickly approach the alarm, but it can not free the 75-year-old man from his predicament. The employees are gone so they have to wait for a security company to bring the key.

Ms. Visser (Photo: Martin Drent / RTV Noord)

"Your husband is locked up"

Meanwhile, Clasien's wife is getting more and more uneasy: "I got up, looked at the window to see if it was coming. That took a long time, and then you get very stuffy. "

Eventually Clasien gets a phone call from the police: "Your husband is locked up. Not in the cell, but in the supermarket. Do not worry, he'll be back soon. "

After the security company opened the door, Mr. Visser was able to return home after an hour and a half under police supervision. "That's almost indescribable, being with Clasien again."

Sleepless nights

Lidl finds it very annoying that you have forgotten Mr. Visser when you close.

This has not happened to me in seventeen years. I had really sleepless nights because of this, I'm sorry, "says supervisor Marcel Linning.

A Flower of Mr. Visser's Manager (Photo: Martin Drent / RTV Noord)


That is why the clerk personally took a flower to Mr. Visser on Monday to apologize. With a bag full of groceries and red peppers.

"They more than made it up to us," says Visser, relieved.

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