Saturday , October 16 2021

Logitech supplies three gaming mice with improved sensor – Computer – News

Logitech announced at E3 that it will provide three gaming mice with a better sensor. This HERO 16K sensor should ensure better performance and accuracy and longer battery life. Mice should be ordered in June.

According to Logitech, these are the two wireless mice G903 and G703 and the G403 wired. These mice will soon receive the HERO sensor, which HERO represents, according to Logitech. High efficiency optics. It is said that this sensor is ten times more energy efficient than the previous generation, while offering "very precise gameplay". The HERO sensor is not new to Logitech mice, as it is, among other things, in the company's Pro mice.

With the improved sensor, the G903 has a range of 140 hours. That's more than a hundred hours longer than the current G903, according to Logitech, it can withstand. For the rest, Logitech, as far as we know, has made minor changes to the mouse and can still carry it wirelessly through Logitech's Wireless Charging System. The mouse also features adjustable RGB illumination, two-handed design and up to 11 programmable buttons.

The battery gain is much lower with the G703. The G703 can last up to 35 hours, where in the current version it is between 24 and 32 hours depending on whether the lighting is on or not. However, the maximum resolution goes from 12,000 dpi to 16,000 dpi and the weight has been reduced to 95 grams. This mouse can also be loaded wirelessly with the Logitech equipment.

About the G403, Logitech writes that the best HERO sensor "gives users the accuracy and tracking performance" they need to win. The Swiss company also says all three mice should be available in June. The G403 should cost 70 euros, the G703 100 euros and the G903 150 euros.

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