Kim had her son vaccinated against HPV: "That's how you get the virus out of the world"


She was researching, says Kim to RTL News. She was first referred to GGD because the doctor did not know much about it. Eventually she seemed to be able to request the vaccine at the pharmacy. They thought it was very special. "At the pharmacy, with the assistant, I always had to tell the same story."

When she finally bought the vaccine, she scheduled an appointment with her doctor for her 14-year-old son. There was someone there who could put the shot in front of his son.

Kim had to pay for everything by herself. The vaccine and the doctor's appointment. The Health Council wants that to change. From now on, boys should also be vaccinated against HPV through the Dutch vaccination program. This can save hundreds of lives, says the scientific advisory body.

Other forms of cancer

The human papillomavirus, as the virus is called, not only causes cervical cancer, but also plays a role in other forms of cancer, such as anus, penis, vagina, lips and mouth and throat. By also vaccinating boys, the virus is less able to spread and fewer girls become ill.

Kim hopes the government will adopt the advice of the Health Council.

His cervical cancer was diagnosed six years ago. "That was very intense." She found out because of the intermediate bleeding and felt she had to take another pill. "I did not take that into account."

Operation, radiation, chemotherapy

The hardest thing he found was the time when he did not know if it would be better. "I thought the cancer would kill him.I had it in my head.I had no idea.These days were the hardest."

First came the operation, a month later the radiotherapy and a chemotherapy. After a few weeks, she started working again. "I finished being patient."

Daughter received an invitation

At that time, her 12-year-old daughter was invited to get vaccinated against HPV. "She does not like to nibble at anything, not at all, but of course she did not want to go through what I went through."

At first she thought it would be nice if the boys were vaccinated. "Because the girls are protected too." She later discovered that the virus can also cause other types of cancer. The vaccine, therefore, appeared not only to protect the girls, but also for the boys.

She had a few feet on the ground, but her son is now also vaccinated. "He certainly supported that." It is now protected and, if you have the virus, you will no longer be able to transfer it to your future partner.

Kim emphasizes: HPV vaccines for boys and girls are best for everyone. "It's the only type of cancer that we can make disappear."


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