Tuesday , October 26 2021

Kick out Zwarte Piet wants to demonstrate in 18 counties, not in Zaandijk


The organization Kick Out Zwarte Piet (KOZP) wants to start manifesting again this year with the arrival of Sinterklaas. The action group wants to argue against Zwarte Piet in 18 counties.

KOZP will not be demonstrating on the national arrival of Sinterklaas, which will be held on November 17 in Zaandijk, although the mayor of Zaanstad municipality announced last week that demonstrations are permitted. The group wants to demonstrate in Amstelveen, Apeldoorn, Groningen, Rotterdam and Curaçao in Willemstad.

Demo Dokkum

"We are not interested in violence, riots or other forms of protest that can cause unnecessary provocation and aggression," the action group writes in a press release.

The group also wants to demonstrate at the Frisian Dokkum, the place where Sinterklaas arrived last year in Holland. Then the demonstrators were stopped on the A7 in Joure by a group that wanted to stop them from reaching the Sinterklaas race. The blockers were in court last month.

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