Kensington, Bløf and Guus Meeuwis want to end up selling tickets through usury sites NOW


Bløf, Kensington, Guus Meeuwis and De Staat support an SP initiative to prevent the sale of concert tickets through usury websites. According to the artists, fans often lose tickets because the tickets are sold for a high price.

"Our fans pay for themselves in blue, we do not make a profit and profits go to someone who adds nothing but annoyance, a lot of hassle," the manifesto says. "Our performances are less accessible to the real fans, who can not always afford the triple for a ticket, so the unnecessary seats are also empty."

The manifesto is delivered to the Minister Ingrid van Engelshoven (Education, Culture and Science) on Wednesday. She said on Friday she saw nothing in stricter legislation because a ban could hardly be enforced.

In addition to Meeuwis, Kensington and De Staat, among others Heideroosjes, Roxeanne Hazes, Blaudzun, Eric Corton, Tim Knol, Duncan Stutterheim, Frank van der Lende, Bob Fosko, Henk Westbroek and Perquisite signed the manifesto.


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