Friday , August 6 2021

Joost Prinsen (78) infected with the corona virus | Entertainment

“I have a corona,” he writes. “That’s annoying. Soft as a dish towel, fever for days and no one at home to shout at: Make me a good cup of tea.

The prince he claims that he receives a lot, in fact a lot of advice from his friends and family who believe they know what is best for him. “Half the world was relegated to Dr. Snotje, like my wife, God have it, put it so graphically,” he writes. “Silence about anyone who recommends that you drink enough. Last week, I did not receive an email or application that did not contain this. “


Prinsen also confesses that he drank a beer again last weekend, but he is healthy and eating well. “So much for the daytime routine. At night, I am busy murdering Lange Frans through conspiracies with unknown figures, which continues to fail. “

The editors of Noordhollands Dagblad states in a brief explanation that Prinsen is fine, but that he is resting for the time being to recover.

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