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That depends on the changes that Intel is making, but there is a good chance that it is "sufficient" to perform a BIOS update. Normally such a step is not a major upgrade, and boat problems are more likely to occur with the new generations.

By the way, I agree with you that this kind of updates sometimes results in very awkward situations where you do not want to boot new hardware while you only have to boot once to run a biological update and everything works fine. This is certainly a reason for me to buy motherboard, cpu and ram in a package from a party that I can drive in the worst case to get support.

I can understand that CPUs do not get extra circuits to get around these rare problems.

edit: It is okay that you can find the compatibility information needed after the launch on the website of the motherboard manufacturer. Generally, you can find out which version of biosversion is on mobo in a simple request to the store and request an update if necessary.

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