In 2017, Beyoncé underwent emergency cesarean birth giving birth to twins | NOW


The birth of Rumi and Sir, the twins of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, has turned into an emergency cesarean. According to the American singer, this was necessary because one of her children was not doing well.

"In the womb the heartbeat of one of the babies stopped a few times, so I had to undergo an emergency cesarean," says the 37-year-old singer in the documentary Netflix. Return home, which appeared on Wednesday.

In the documentary Beyoncé also shows how she wanted to return to form after childbirth, performing at Coachella, among other things. "I was going to do Coachella the year before, but I got pregnant unexpectedly and it was twins, which was an even bigger surprise. My body held out more than I thought I could stand."

In the steps to becoming fully fit, American times were sometimes difficult times. Also because she said she wanted to be with her children mentally. "Sometimes I thought I would never be the same again, never again physically the same and in strength and endurance, I had to rebuild my body."

Beyoncé also released an album with the documentary. It also contains several hits she had with Destiny's Child. Among other thingsCrazy in love, Drunk in love and 7/11 stay on the plate.

In addition to the twins Rumi and Sir, Jay-Z and Beyonce have another child. Seven years old, Blue Ivy was born in 2012.


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