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Man, man. What a hopeless article on the NRC this morning! I mean that piece in which Henk Otten (FVD) goes beyond itself and gives Thierry Baudet. According to Otten, Baudet "would pull the party away, to the right" and "would draw attention to itself." The article mainly shows that Otten bows his head to the power of mass media.

Last year, Henk blamed "the tank" for others "Want to play boss", but today the pure Drent appeared in the NRC to play for themselves. Well dressed, he was sitting in a chair in the sun. The new senator said:

"Well, I try to do everything we can to make sure we do not fall apart. Above all, let's roll up our sleeves."

Maybe he can start discussing criticism internally instead of through the media?

He Request NRC is also extremely remarkable. Otten uses negative language when he talks about Baudet. We do not know if he wants to bomb himself as the reasonable center-right alternative to lure voters or if he disagrees with Baudet in fact. What we do know is that it was a very remarkable article in which Otten makes strange statements about his party companion:

"I'm not busy all day with atonal music and modern architecture."

In addition, Otten bows his head deeply to the power of the media:

"Baudet should not unnecessarily ignore our people. It may be good to make a bold statement, but now we are a big party. It is about your own words but words have consequences. […]"

You have to check. A "bold statement" is the best man who is already afraid. What the fuck. But what statement does he mean? He is referring, for example, to the declaration in which the word "boreal" was mentioned during the night of the election of the Provincial Council elections?

For a moment about this "bold statement": who actually made the associations between "boreal" and "far right"? Not me. I associate the term boreal with "northern climate" because of the fact that the term is incorporated into the game City Skylines.

But some people always look for evil to undermine others.

People who associate the term "boreal" with the extreme right have a far right frame. After all, you only associate this term with the extreme right if you are aware of the extreme right vocabulary! In addition, extending two seconds of speech during the election results for the "being of Baudet" is not only disguised but also unfairly intellectual.

After Baudet made the statement, the media simply searched for a long time to find something "shocking" to get Baudet. You would then expect Otten to defend his foreman. But no Instead of offering support, Otten bowed to the NRC. Neither did the objection come from the "communication expert" Jeroen de Vries. What an incredible failure of both men.

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