Thursday , October 21 2021

Frightened woman after attempted abduction in Vlijmen: "Do not dare come here anymore"


The attempted abduction frightened the woman. Anyway, she does not dare pedal to work at Den Bosch. "I still tried, but it does not work," she said. "What I've always liked is not there anymore. I do not dare pedal more here."

"Otherwise, he would kill me"

The woman was overtaken by a car on a deserted bicycle lane. "He caught up with me, turned around, and went straight to me. I managed to escape, but he declined considerably."

The driver dominated the woman and pulled her to the ground. "I threw away my cell phone, hoping he would do it for him." But apparently he did not care.He said: if I cooperated, nothing would happen, otherwise he would kill me. "

The man tried to pull the woman in his car. "I had to come in, but I thought, if I do that, I do not know where I'm going to end up, so I will not do it. The woman closed the car door and ran away. His attacker was also gone.

Drawing composition

The police are looking for the man who attacked the woman. She handed out a composition drawing of the suspect. This is probably a light-colored man between the ages of 25 and 30. It has a normal to wide construction and is about 1.80 to 1.85 meters long. His head has been shaved, he has a broad nose and his eyes are wide apart.

The police are asking people who know more about the kidnapping to report.

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